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Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Keep Your Business Running Efficiently with Grease Trap Cleaning.

Your job is to keep your restaurant running smoothly and efficiently. Our job at Poo-Man Pumping and Drain Cleaning is to keep the traps clean. Together, your place will be clean from top to bottom. If the grease trap in your restaurant is not cleaned, a nasty smell will permeate the kitchen and the waste will eventually back up into the kitchen from the floor drains. Not only is this disgusting and unsanitary, it can also lead to you paying fines for violations. Having scheduled maintenance by our company is a great way to ensure that the traps stay clean and to prevent back-ups.


Grease Trap Cleaning Maintenance for Your Palm Beach Business.

As a restaurant owner, you understand the workings of your business, what you may not understand is what grease and food particles can do to the grease trap. In order to maintain a healthy flow of waste from your restaurant kitchen, you must ensure that the grease trap is properly cleaned. All restaurants in our area are required to have a grease trap which separates grease from wastewater. Grease should never get mixed with the sewer system and that is why grease trap maintenance is important. An accumulation of waste materials such as grease, food partials, and anything that would wash from your floor into the grease trap, will slow down the plumbing system down. Pumping the grease waste and visually inspecting the trap can help alleviate main line stoppages. The powerful vactor suction will completely remove all of the waste from the grease trap allowing the system to function properly and efficiently. So, as you can see, grease trap cleaning is a must!


Eco-Friendly Grease Trap Pumping Services.

If you are the owner of a restaurant, apartment complex, or any business that deals with food, you will notice that over time build-up will occur, frankly, it is unavoidable. Having a company that knows how to safely perform grease trap cleaning is the key. If a company does not dispose of the waste in an Eco-friendly manner, it can cause severe damage to the area where it was dumped. Our experienced team always works in a professional manner to ensure not only the safety of our employees but for the safety of the environment as well. Call us today to schedule grease trap cleaning for your business Palm Beach Florida.

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