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Hydro-Jetting Services

Clogged Drains? Schedule for Hydro-Jetting Services.

As a restaurant owner, there are many things to deal with on a daily basis. Slow or backed up drains don’t need to be one of them. If you have noticed that the sink is frequently clogging or is very slow draining, then give Poo-Man Pumping and Drain Cleaning a call.  We understand that your time is valuable and that you have a business to run. This is why once you have scheduled with us, we will give you a four-hour window for an appointment time. We also offer 24-hour service as well as same-day emergency jetting services.


Ensure Proper Water Flow with Hydro-Jetting Services.

When a grease trap is pumped and an inspection of the line reveals debris build-up, hydro-jetting the line will ensure proper flow of the water. The high-pressure of the water will get rid of food particles and greasy waste. Jetting services can also be used in larger sewer lines where a build-up of debris on the pipe wall is making the drainage sluggish. The build-up will create system problems further down the line such as a complete main line stoppage. If your restaurant kitchen has a main line stoppage, you may ultimately need to close it down for several hours or even for the day, causing your business to lose money. It is important to call for service as soon as you notice that the drains are not flowing properly, the longer that you wait, the more the line will become clogged.


Call A Professional for Hydro-Jetting Services.

Many times, when you call a plumber, the first thing that will be done an attempt to clear the line is running a “snake” through the line. However, if the clog is thick, or if the snake can’t reach the area, hydro-jetting services will solve the problem. The hydro-jetting process is just as it sounds. High-pressure water jetting through a unique spray head which will clean the inside of the pipe. When the pipe is clean and clear, the water will flow properly.  This process should only be done by a professional because high pressured water could cause damage to the pipes. Our expert team is well educated in the hydro-jetting process and know exactly what to look for to prevent any damages. Keep your business and your pipes running smoothly! Call us at Poo-Man Pumping and Drain Cleaning to schedule for hydro-jetting services for your business in Palm Beach.

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