Hydro-jetting is a method of drain or pipe cleaning that involves aiming a stream of highly pressurized water into the drain or pipe to push an obstruction out of the way.

Now, if your thinking “Doesn’t snaking the drain do the same job with less hassle? The answer is no. It doesn’t. Hydro jetting is often used in circumstances where the blockage is too big, or too tough, to be removed by an auger.

Here are some benefits to hydro-jetting services:

*Removes everything from grease to tree roots and other debris.

*Clears pipes of things like mineral deposits, scale buildup, soap, hair, food scraps, and organic waste.

*Helps your piping systems last longer.

*Prevents hazardous waste back-ups in your home.

*Is safer to use in all kinds of pipes than other drain cleaning methods, like liquid cleaners.

*Because of the flexibility of the hose, and the fact that it can bend and move with the individual piping system, hydro-jetting can be used to clean out pipes of every size.