When it comes to residential lift stations, wastewater lift stations are meant to pump wastewater from a low level to a higher level. It pumps waste from point A to point B.

All residential lift stations rely on electricity to get the flow going. Utilities need these systems in order to pump wastewater and sewage through different terrains.

This system is essential in residential neighborhoods that are made up of a pump, electrical parts and valves. One of the most important aspects of lift stations is that with proper maintenance and inspections they are made to withstand constant use. In fact, a lift station can last 20 years.

A septic lift station replaces the traditional septic system controlled by gravity.

As previously mentioned, lift stations pump sewage and wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. The lift station is comprised of pumps that are triggered whenever the level of water or liquid rises. The float is then triggered, the pump turns on and lastly the sewage or wastewater is pumped out of the lift station.

We at Poo-Man Pumping emphasize proper upkeep and maintenance of any system especially lift stations. Having a lift station damage can make a repair costly and timely.

The main issue may be that the valve is not receiving and creating enough pressure to properly begin the septic flow. It is vital to the longevity of the system that you have all of its components checked for damage such as the motor, pump and valves.

We provide lift station installation services both commercially and residentially in Palm Beach County. We supply businesses and municipalities with lift station services and have an excellent service record. We can also help you find a solution for a smaller residential need. Call us at Poo-Man Pumping, Plumbing and Drain Cleaning for a consultation regarding your lift station repair or installation project.