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If your septic tank is beginning to get bogged down by solid waste buildup, let’s schedule your septic tank pumping service today. It’s best to get the sludge removed before your system develops problems.

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Anyone who has owned a septic tank for a length of time will know what kind of problems can develop if the tank isn’t regularly pumped out. It’s easy to wait too long between pump outs, simply because you can’t see what’s inside the tank. What the term “regular” means to you can be completely different from your neighbor next door. If you’d like to get regular service, don’t hesitate to ask your Poo-Man specialist during service. Our staff at Poo-Man are always happy to answer your questions.

What caused the Back Up?

If after doing the pump out, you could still have issues don’t worry , there are a number of reasons for septic tank failure, and knowing what these reasons are could help you avoid costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Improper Installation, Physical Damage

When your septic system is installed, the size of the tank and the permeability of the soil need to be taken into consideration. If your contractor installs a tank that is not big enough to accommodate your plumbing needs, your septic tank could be susceptible to overflowing. If the contractor does not insure the soil is thick enough, then your septic system could be allowing dirty water to re-enter the groundwater. Either problem is unpleasant and, frankly, gross. To avoid this kind of problem, be sure that you get a reliable, thorough installation.

If you build something or park a vehicle on top of the soil absorption unit , you could damage the drain field. A damaged drain field can lead to a variety of wastewater-centric messes, and these messes are-as may be obvious-quite unpleasant to live with. If you don’t fancy wastewater standing in your yard, then be sure to know exactly where your soil absorption unit is and not to place heavy objects on top of it.

You can’t avoid every issue even if you do everything right your septic tank can still act up for one reason or another. Call the  professionals at Poo-Man Pumping, Plumbing and Drain Cleaning , we can handle it all !