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Sewer Line Location Services

We Use High-Tech Equipment for Quick Sewer Line Locating.

When an issue arises where your sewer line needs to be located, our company is equipped to handle the job! By using the latest technology in sewer line locating, we can quickly trace underground sewer lines and determine the problem.  At Poo-Man Pumping and Drain Cleaning, we believe that using the latest technology not only saves the home or business owner time, but also money. We use Ridgid NaviTrack equipment for our location services to get accurate locations with large mapping displays. NaviTrack has several antennas which reduce misleading signals so that we can pinpoint the sewer line quickly and easily. If you have repeated stoppages from your toilet, tub, and sink drains, it is time to give us a call.


Sewer Location Services for All of Palm Beach County.

There are several reasons where sewer line locating will be necessary. If you, for example, just moved into a home and are having plumbing problems, the first thing that you would do is to call a plumber. The plumber will snake out the system and free the clog. However, when this continues to happen, there may be a bigger issue. This is where Poo-Man and the latest in sewer line location technology come in. By using state of the art equipment, we can pin-point where the sewer line runs without digging up the entire yard. When the sewer line has been located, we then use equipment to find the reason for the stoppage. Stoppage can be caused from a crushed cast iron pipe due to age or pressure, tree roots which can often find their ways into small cracks in PVC pipe, or an item that was flushed on accident. The Ridgid SeeSnake system allows the Poo-Man expert to find the problem area on a monitor, once the issue is determined, the technician and the homeowner can discuss the next step for repair.

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Whether you are a new homeowner unfamiliar with the layout of the sewer lines, or perhaps the prior owners laid down a concrete foundation, you don’t need to spend days digging up your property looking for the sewer line. With our expert service team and high-tech equipment, it will take just minutes to locate the sewer line. By quickly finding the line without back-breaking manual labor, you will save yourself a lot of time and money. Poo-Man offers a full range of services from sewer line installations and repairs to location services, we are here to help get your system flowing smoothly. Call us today for a free quote!

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