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Vactor Truck Pumping Services

Vactor Truck Services for Catch Basins.

If you are a property manager and are getting calls regarding the parking lot flooding, it is most likely due to the catch basin being filled with debris. Leaves, rocks, and garbage in the system can lead to back-ups and clogs. When this happens not only are you going to hear a lot of complaining from residents but also, the landscaping can get ruined. From sewer clean outs to individual septic systems, Poo-Man Pumping and Drain Cleaning services can efficiently remove water and waste products from catch basins, manholes, and lift stations.


Vactor Truck Services for Hydro Excavation.

Hydro Excavation is a safe, clean, and Eco-friendly way to locate buried utilities. Hydro excavation uses a combination of powerful water jets to loosen the area to be excavated while the forceful vacuum removes the debris. This method is a safe way to locate underground utilities such as cable, gas lines, or sewer pipes. Also, having the added benefit of not disturbing or otherwise destroying the surrounding landscape.

The use of heavy equipment in finding underground utilities can be dangerous and costly. Gas lines or fiber optics are easily damaged. But with hydro excavation, we can safely locate what you need without damaging nearby underground utilities. Poo-Man services can handle excavation needs in any setting.


Vactor Trucks for Lift Stations.

If the lift station on your property needs to be pumped out, call Poo-Man Pumping and Drain Cleaning for quick service. Properly servicing your lift station is crucial to the performance of the system. Organic material and waste products can accumulate in your sump pit, which will obstruct water flow and drainage. The Vactor truck’s powerful suction will pump out the station and will remove excess waste. With nothing to obstruct the flow of waste, the pump will not be overworked, which will ensure that the lift station is performing properly.  Setting a schedule to have your lift station pumped and inspected is a great way to safeguard against future problems.


Vactor Truck Service for Pumping and Removing Debris.

There are several instances in which a Vactor truck will need to be used. At Poo-Man Pumping and Drain Cleaning, we can get the job done under any circumstance. Our team is highly qualified and strive to be the best in the industry. Give us a call today for service in Palm Beach County. We offer 24-hour, 7-day a week service and emergency service as well!

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